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Reconstructing and Defining Kevin Part Six: Measure

Part Six: Measure


“In hindsight, the year probably would have been more productive if I knew what I was looking to find.”

Where does a search begin when you are unsure what is missing? How can you apply a patch if you have no idea how to identify the fault? Is something even broken? Is the proper remedy simply to heal? Can you restore your body to some prior state? If so, what course will achieve your results?

What is the target?

What is the desired end state?

What is your goal?

What do you need?

What do you want?

What are you searching to find?

Over the next 12 months, Kevin repeatedly asked those questions and so many more without discovering, in his assessment, “one damn answer.”

As the year-long experiment drew to a close, Kevin finally realized comfort that there must be a solution to fit his needs.

As we already shared, answers did not come from an analysis of one year’s worth of data — one year’s worth of data explained how Kevin created his well-being. “I stopped asking questions,” he explains, “when I finally realized there are no simple cause-and-effect relationships between inputs, actions, and results. The data did show me the holistic impact of my lifestyle choices. Detailed measurable inputs and generalized activities collectively shaped my health and well-being, not the other way around.

“Without getting ahead of myself, here’s a quick example. I stopped looking at weight as a goal and turned it into an input on my future meal choices (just one of so many deciding factors).”

Every measured input, every measured/described result, added value – just not in the way Kevin intended when his journey began. He still diligently records some data points; others have lost their priority or are no longer tracked. We will talk more about everything in our following chapters. Here is a quick snapshot, without analysis, of some of the high-level data accumulated over those 368 days.


Weight: the reason for starting this whole adventure. Every effort centered on this primary goal.

October 6, 2019 – 178.0 pounds

Goal: maintain 178.0 (FAILED)

Achievement: October 7, 2020 – 170.8 pounds


Goals – various physical and performance objectives (ALL FAILED)


*  Elliptical Trainer (pre-pandemic favorite)   150.9 hours

*  Stationary trainer (post-pandemic favorite) 140.5 hours, 1906.24 miles (13.62 MPH)


Goal – complete and publish my next novel (FAILED)

Goal – begin graduate school program for an MFA in creative writing (FAILED)


*  Nine blog posts published

*  Unpublished

**     Six blog posts

**     Five short stories

Various nonprofit goals and fundraising objectives (ALL FAILED)

Personal goals – who I want to be (ALL FAILED)



My Daily Grade

My daily grade frame of reference (since I started tracking on April 8, 2013)

“Not until October 29, 2020, did I realize my objective of Day #1.”


The developing draft of my story will be shared on this secure drive location:


These are the thoughts going through my mind as I try to piece it all together…

This is not about what my life will be like when the fight is over.

I will never stop

I will never quit

This is my story

100% of the royalties earned from my books go to the National MS Society, to support our fight:


Never Stop… Never Quit…®

Kevin Byrne

Portland, OR

Never Stop… Never Quit… Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off.


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