Thursday, March 28, 2019

This Day in History: March 28, 2016

On March 28, 2016, a John Doe walked into the emergency room of St. Augustus Hospital, Portland, Oregon, and died. He carried no identification, gave no indication of concern, and was alone.

John Doe was the last person to die...anywhere.

Christopher Baxter is a man recognized for his accomplishments: West Point graduate, medical doctor, combat veteran. Chris is also a condemned man-a man who struggles with the familiarity of circumstances he has carried his entire life.

Nothing else changes; no mystical stories or tales of fantasy. What would you do if humanity stopped dying? As the world struggles to come to grips with dormancy, is one man-Chris Baxter-just another unwilling participant, the curse, or their salvation?

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"...fantastic stories, where I'm limited only by my imagination, not by the confines of this stupid disease."
 National MS Society Leadership Conference, Denver, CO - November 2016.