Monday, July 27, 2015

Bike MS 2015 – Wasting Time

I reconnected with an old friend of mine this weekend.  Though close when we were young, we last spoke many years.  Our relationship was relegated to the status of “Facebook friends,” those who connect through pictures of their kids and general updates on life. 

My pal reached out in the most spectacular way: through a donation to our Bike MS fight!  He found the link on my Facebook page and wanted to support.  There was only one question he had one question for me:  “Dude, why are you writing haikus?”

My answer was simple.  “To get responses like this,” I said.  Perfect.

I write stories to share my message, to share my fight, and to gain your support.  If it takes a haiku to get your attention, so be it; that’s what I’ll write.  This is my fight, as told in the form of traditional Japanese poetry.

The blazing sun thrills
yet My trike never quits me,
Donate to end pain

Never stop 'til cured,
beer and wine are the choices
Team soaking in pools

Chopsticks hold the prize;
my long love is found anew
As rain falls around

Never quit our fight;
A cure is the only end.
Dancing with my loves

money finds the chance
As daylight breaks through my spokes,
Our legs never tire

I lumber the climb
as new life joins our family
A new summer spring

Crest over the peak,
Before the summer sun swells;
I may ride sixty

What will it take to get your support?  Next up: my story in the voice of Dr. Seuss!

Whatever it takes…

The fight is not over and it won’t be over until a cure is found.
It will never stop…nor will we
It will never quit…nor will we
This is why we fight!

Kevin Byrne - Portland, OR

* Inspiration: Kid Rock, “Wasting Time”, Atlantic Records, 2000

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