Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bike MS 2016 - Holding out for a Hero

please support my fight with a donation and share my message past my reach!

I normally spend a lot of time reaching out to my army of donors and supporters. I must apologize for this year.  Typing, of all things, has become difficult.  My consolidated words end up in a forum from which they can reach the furthest.  This is why I write!

As part of my fight against multiple sclerosis, I’m riding for the 14th year with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This year’s ride is August 6-7 in Monmouth, OR (Bike MS: Willamette Valley 2016).

This past year has been especially challenging. For that reason, my ever-looming message is more valuable today. It’s time to ride. It’s time to move. I know what I need to do. I’m asking for your help again to make that a reality.

My body is failing
That’s no secret to people who see me every day, but the damage is indeed mounting.
Five years ago I climbed Mount Rainier. A few weeks later my body broke down once again. I struggled, but I mostly recovered.
Four years ago I rode the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride on my recumbent trike. Soon after my body failed worse; my healing was slower; my recovery less complete.
Three years ago, we left our beloved neighborhood to a one-level house in a flat part of town. The realization that stairs were not part of my daily routine became all too apparent.
Two years ago, I climbed Angel’s Rest for what I fear will be my final time, my body a shell of its prior self.
Today, with much difficulty, I can barely climb a flight of stairs. My body continues to break down, damage cuts deeper, my recoveries lessen. Will I stabilize? Will my condition worsen? How bad will it get? I don’t know.

There are no treatments currently available that can successfully fight the progression of my MS. My only salvation will come from the development of a new treatment, a treatment that will only come through funding meaningful research.

This is what I’ll do. I will aide in the development of the treatment that will save my life and, forever more, save future generations from hearing that fateful phrase, “You have MS.” Last summer’s words from Eleanor define this fight: “we raise money to Break That Spell on Daddy!”

My fight will have no expiration. I am not going to get better, maybe never but definitely not anytime soon. My MS, in fact, is going to get worse. The damage to my body will increase to the point I am restricted to a wheelchair soon or further limited in other varied factors. None of that matters. There is still a need for me to fight. More important, there are still people out there who need my motivation, my leadership, and my support as they wage their own fight. While I still have the resources and capability, I surely have the motivation to go on.

I need to raise money to fund essential research, testing, and development. 
I will be the voice needed to rally support.
I need your help and donation to spark my salvation.

Unlike the rest of my body, my words are stronger than ever. I will use them to paint the world a picture of:
  • What MS does to a body, once healthy and strong, as it unleashes its relentless assault.
  • What a body and mind experiences, as I continue to fight back.
  • The loss, and the love, family and friends experience as they watch me stumble. The joy they experience in my small victories!
  • The elation we all experience when I fight and win, whatever that win looks like down the road.

I will continue to paint that picture with my words, as I fight harder and harder. Your support donation is what I ask for in return.


The fight is not over and it won’t be over until a cure is found.
It will never stop…nor will we
It will never quit…nor will we
This is why we ride…write…fight!

Never Stop… Never Quit…®
Kevin Byrne
Portland, OR

* Inspiration: Frou Frou – Holding Out For A Hero, DreamWorks Records, 2004

For the full selection of Ellie's 2016 BikeMS mix, go to:
 Never Stop... Never Quit... Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off.


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